It means Elite Cascade Excel.
This tool makes any XLSX files to have each columns (no matter how many columns)

So excel sorting & filtering can be embeded in multiple ways directly in html pages, but this drop down base selection can do it faster.

If the excel is big, then the loading time is longer.

Then can be inserted in any webpage as iframe or directly.
Also can be edited as you wish.

This tool has been tested and it's working.

Feel free to contact as if you need additional questions.
The price is 10$ via paypal.
You can buy it with PayPal (wich accepts major credit cards) from the right side.


1. Sometimes, depending on excel, after 3-4th selection ore more the drop down is not based on previous selection.
It just shows all the excel results...
Maybe, if worth it, in the future this issue will be solved.

2. It works ONLY with the excel extension: file.XLSX

3. To download your result and to insert it in another page, use the browser settings wich ussually is Ctrl+S or File >> Save As >> page.HTML


Usable by one client or yourself in one single product for which users are not charged for. The price includes the PayPal and Ro2.biz fees.

$10.00 USD

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May 25, 2015
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May 25, 2015