Ultimate Presentation Scroller

Ultimate Presentation Scroller

ScrollPoint is a standalone Presentation tool with keyboard controls and mouse gesture controls.

Multi Purpose Scroller which can be controlled by the keyboard. (Increase/Decrease SPEED, STOP, START) and by mouse gestures to both ends (top & bottom).

Use this from auto scrolling your presentation files or even to give your users an auto scrolling standalone documentation for your product.

Simply add your image files / text or virtually anything to the ‘files’ folder and they are set to scroll!

ScrollPoint is FULLY RESPONSIVE, means it is supported by multiple devices and screen sizes.

Perfect for documentations & presentations.


Stop, Start, Increase and Decrease Speed using keyboard.
Go forward or backward through mouse gestures.
Set start delay time. (seconds).
Disable/Enable auto loading.
Amazing loader.
Screen Focus view.
Unlimited scrolling.
Fully Responsive.
100% editable.
Easy and simple integration.
Multi Purpose.
Give your users a unique one file documentation.
Save Powerpoint files as images and let them scroll!
Save PDF files as images and let them scroll!
Save your PDF docs in image and project it to gatherings.
Save your Powerpoint docs in image and project it to gatherings.


Usable by one client or yourself in one single product for which users are not charged for. The price includes the PayPal and Ro2.biz fees.

$1.00 USD

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May 01, 2015
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May 01, 2015