PHP Login Form Responsive

PHP Login Form Responsive

Fully Responsive Database Driven PHP Login Form

A Simple and Easy to Edit Responsive PHP and Bootstrap Based Login Form


Hello All! Here I present you with a fully Object-Oriented and Responsive PHP Login Form.

I have made this form to be used "as is" by replacing the place-holder content with your own content. The form is based on Twitter Bootstrap v3.3.4 and is fully responsive.

This Login Form is fully responsive and uses CSS3 in conjunction with media queries to address any custom resizing of content. Further the design is fully object oriented and database driven.

The Form was last updated on 26/04/2015. It is fully working and displaying and working as intended

Some Key Features:

  • 7 x Pre-Built Methods/Functions for Authentication and User Manipulation

  • Object Oriented Design

  • Database Driven

  • 128bit AES Encryption for Passwords

  • SQL along with Dummy Data Provided

  • Based on Latest Bootstrap (v3.3.4)

  • Object Oriented PHP along with HTML5/CSS3

  • Fully Responsive

  • Simple Editing

  • Top Fixed Navigation (if you want to use the bootstrap template provided)

  • Quick-Start Guide

  • Well Organised

  • Thorough Comments For Easy Section Recognition and Editing

  • Easy to Customise

Pre-Built Ready to Use Page Included

The Form was thoroughly tested and is displaying and working as intended on different screen sizes. If you find any bugs please report it via comments.

Files Included:

  • PHP Login Form (All Files (PHP, CSS3 and JS))

  • SQL Scripts

  • Quick-Start Guide


Usable by one client or yourself in one single product for which users are not charged for. The price includes the PayPal and fees.

$12.00 USD

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Created :
April 28, 2015
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April 28, 2015