Pure Minecraft Top List

Pure Minecraft Top List

Total Topsite is a fully featured script that will allow you to run your own topsite website. Users can add their servers to get first place in your website by voting for their server! User give link to vote and other peoples visits site - that's the main concept how to get more visitors.

If you have any problems , please contact us in skype!

Support skype: puressuport

Version V5 F

Username: admin

Password: admin

Main features

* Easy to edit
* Easy to put in Ad – Make Money Quickly
* Optimized for Search Engine
* Supports multiple servers per user
* Servers locations (GEOIP)
* Website have Quick Search
* Also had Sort by tags and Locations option.
* Only one logged user is allowed in one account! If more - Then first one will be logged out! ( Security system )

User features:

* User profile page
* User public profile page
* Change avatar/photo
* Add server - Now more optimized
* Simple Sign Up
* Simple Register
* High security data protection
* Register on captcha
* Server add / Remove
* Server banners
* Vote system - Votifier system
* Change password
* Password recovery
* Personal message manager | Contact support

Admin features

* High security checks ( Password , group checking)
* Add/Edit/Delete/Ban/Unban users
* Reset all votes
* Delete/Edit servers
* Add/remove vip status from server
* Sending PM for every registered member
* Mass Mail / Mail Users
* Mass remove servers
* Edit website settings

V5 :

* User profile page
* User public profile page
* User change avatar/photo
* Owner info in server details page
* Add server - Now more optimized

V4 :

* Site loading Speed improvements

* AdminCP design change

* Added AJAX login instead of page reload login

* Added Online users counter , users online time auto update if any action perfmomed on page , also added quest tracker , every time when quest refresh page quest online time updates.

* Added search and improved

* AutoUpdate servers improved - page loads faster

* Queries improved.

* Now there is flags under servers (Using GEOIP Library)

* Added captcha to Vote page.

* Edited files in /core folder , now they can't be accessed directly. (Removed .htaccess options)

* When adding server , after typed in server ip and port , script checks if server is online and informs user about that (ajax)

* (NOW) All servers are updated every 10 minutes (Page loading perfomance)

* Some bug fixes

* Added search enginge

* Added sort by tag option

* Added forgot password - Recovery function. (Through email by sending link with 10 minutes lifetime)

* Fixed Bug -> Without login quests can use Admin page but can't do any actions.

* Added ability to edit username and user group in admin control panel.

* Moderators group can edit,ban,delete users!


* Added login , register

* Optimized design from 1.0

* Bad code deleted

* Added groups (SuperUser , Moderator, User)

* Added restrictions

* Added ability to give premium and remove it.

Rewrite modules*

PHP 5.3 and higher

MySQL 5.x

PHP Sockets*

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYCaKXL61XE


Usable by one client or yourself in one single product for which users are not charged for. The price includes the PayPal and Ro2.biz fees.

$10.00 USD

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