Help - What are the verified items?

As part of our efforts to offer the best items regardless of your needs we implemented a manual verification system.

Why do we have this feature

We started developing our website while asking around both authors and buyers. The main issue was that while authors wanted to be able to upload instantly without having to wait for the never ending approval process that our competitors have, the buyers also wanted an insurance that the item is properly working and that they can safely buy it.
Having this system alongside with the 30 days period in which the buyer can request a refund if the item does not work as intended solved our mystery.

How to recognize a verified item

Look for the verified logo : Verified item If you see it it means that our team has already manually verified and that the item and is working as intended.
If the item was not already verified by our team it will have the default logo : Item not verified

Is the verified mark a must when buying?

Of course not, we are a handfull of people and we can not possibly verify every single item on sale, however this doesn't mean that the item is not working. The verified mark is only an insurance, nothing else. Further more, even if you are having trouble with a non-verified item you purchased, you can always request for a refund. Our team will refund 100% of your payment and remove the item if it was not working as intended.

As an author, how do I get my item verified?

Unfortunately there's nothing you can do. We verify the items in the order of submission. Some items will automatically receive the verified status after a few buyers will share their positive experience.

I bought an item that was verified, however this item's not working!

Authors have the option of modifying / changing their items at any point, and this is exactly why sometimes even an item that was verified may malfunction, but rest assured, our 30 days refund policy applies to all items not only the items that are not verified.